Skinny on the Mini for Mon Apr 22 2024: in Four Zones portal

Here's the link to the report available to Four Zones RSI Coverage members:

Skinny on the Mini Apr 22 2024 (

Check out this quick 4 minute video explaining my latest experiment in bringing back some styles of research for your trading!

Transcript of the video is below:

ES Futures Daily Report New Test in Momentum Course portal – YouTube

(00:00) so back on April 15th good old tax day here in the US I decided to do an experiment and bring back a style of research not the exact same service that I've been doing for my skinny in the mini e- mini SNP and I put this in my blog on my website and you can find that report here skinny and the mini for Monday April 15th I also left a little comment block and explain the background to the support and was surprised to see all this feedback okay unsolicited from you guys about how you've missed the research and what you like to see if I
(00:34) bring it back in a new service okay so I decided to continue the experiment by on Sunday April 21st doing a skinny on the Spy because the skinny on the Spy is something I used to do once a week for a service I had called a trifecta trading club that I ran for for less than a year but it was a great learning ground for me about what you guys want and kind of testing out different features and a new course platform and more so the skinny and the Spy I just published last night and again I woke up to all these comments
(01:09) and I can see that you guys would really appreciate the help okay so here's how I'm continuing the experiment again this is temporary I'm not going to publish this type of research for free forever I'm just trying to get a feel for the best way to bring it back in a paid service and what I've done today is I've gone ahead and in the for zones RSI coverage system which is our new experience IFI platform form under all trainings okay and scroll scroll scroll all the way down I have made a little
(01:37) section that I'm calling my mad scientist testing grounds okay anything in here experiment it's not going to stay in four zones forever but since four zones RSI is a course that most of our tribe has of those of you who have invested in my courses in education this is a place to test these features out so right now here is a fresh skinny on the mini for today April 22nd and it's got all the usual features okay it's got like a little standing chart the actual chart in there the date time prior
(02:08) commentary recap Outlook levels the whole thing and now it's got some action items that you can do and again these are just a test so some of the things that are related to on the action items you may not uh have access to I'm giving this a little go and testing this out and so far so good so I'm still working on how you get notified to see if there is a report I'm still deciding what reports I'm going to do and all of that but I got to try something out in a new way before I stick to it so there it is
(02:43) go ahead and check out this skinny and the mini if you have the four zones RSI and I'll catch you soon

~ Background to this report ~

I used to write and share E-mini S&P 500 futures analysis on a pretty regular basis. I sunsetted that formal service called the Skinny on the Markets about two months ago, sharing the last report on Valentine's Day Feb 14th.

Some of you have expressed that you've missed receiving that research – pretty deeply.

Therefore I'm experimenting (like a mad scientist) with bringing back that research in a NEW service.

Stay tuned for more!

One response to “Skinny on the Mini for Mon Apr 22 2024: in Four Zones portal”

  1. Paolo Avatar

    Thank you Hima
    It is really awesome and interesting this your experiment of rebring in some way the SP analysis
    Wish could be useful also for swing trading perspective
    May be it could also reference your setups when they happen (I'm a RSI Four Zones basic and Advanced and a Lost Forecasting student)
    Anyway wish you the best 🙂
    Thank you so much

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