Hima Reddy

Hima Reddy

Financial Analyst | Author

Hima Reddy is a Wall Street veteran analyst, Financial Times published author, active trader, and prolific educator with a passion for technical market analysis, specifically Gann Analysis. Her mission is to empower individuals to participate in the financial markets to create primary or secondary income streams to attain freedom. Hima is the last trading coach you'll ever need, and she leads a tribe of traders who are like-minded action-takers and students of the markets.

Hima and her traders believe that it's possible to master the markets by focusing on just three things: price data, momentum analysis, and market timing. They know that trading results can be optimized quickly with the right practice and guidance, and that having a trading mentor with 20+ years of trading and analysis experience is far more powerful than having someone who simply says “buy this, sell that”.

Hima started learning futures trading from her dad at the age of 16, and went on to work at multiple Wall Street firms, from research houses to investment banks. Wall Street even called her back to consult during the summer and fall of 2022! She not only knows how to trade and analyze the markets using her proprietary methods, but she also knows how to teach them to others. Hima is especially known for her work in Gann analysis, and she's one of the world's leading experts, having published two academic books on that specialized topic.

To date, Hima has taught and mentored thousands of traders seeking a consistent trading income to give themselves and their families the life they deserve. Her philosophy is that trading is simple but not easy right out of the gate. But with strategic effort, anyone can achieve success in the markets. Hima's experience and knowledge, starting at a very young age, can be of insanely high value to you if translated properly.

Outside of her profession, Hima loves to dance and enjoys exploring her Indian culture and all that it has to offer.