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Meet Hima

So who am I and why listen to me, right?

I’m Hima Reddy, and I’m originally from New York. And you’ll notice, like a true New Yorker, I call it like I see it!

At 16 I started learning futures from my dad, a successful trader in the Gann style of trading. In fact, my dad was so far ahead of his time that he got a chunk of Amazon stocks right the beginning.

He also had the foresight to train my three younger siblings as well, so that each of us could be in charge of our own financial future. I loved the markets so much that I became a certified CMT, working as an analyst at Piper Jaffray before going it on my own to help traders directly.

Over the past 22 years, between my professional analysis on Wall Street and my international publications and my propriety analysis and education, I have helped hundreds of thousands of individuals create a sound plan for their financial future.

I am an international speaker presenting to institutional portfolio managers and analysts as well individual traders and I’ve been blessed to appear on WallStreet Journal, Barrons, Bloomberg, Reuters, TheStreet, Benzinga, and all the alphabet NBC, CNBC, Fox, ABC, Featured in Commodifies Magazine and with TradeStation.

I’m also the author of The Trading Methodologies of WD Gann AND The Trading Methods of WD Gann Second Edition>> – so how did I get here? Well, that’s quite a story!

Now I’m a successful trader and educator, but it hasn’t always been like this.

Years ago life seemed great, I was in the center of the action as an analyst with Piper Jaffray and making them a ton of money, starting work at 5am working late and burning out quickly.

Then the bottom dropped out of my world when my beloved dad and mentor died suddenly. At first it felt like my whole world was crashing when I had to leave my job and take over my dad’s accounts to trade for my mom’s future.

But I realized that instead of killing myself to help the corporations get richer, it was time to help more traders reach financial freedom! And that’s what I did!

The result? I had time to trade my dad’s and my accounts again, I started maximizing the trading methods of W.D. Gann and became the leading expert on Gann.

My Trading Tribe loved my futures & stocks reports that ROI’ed for them regularly. And while they used the reports to start learning to see the markets the way I do and trade my picks.

I ALSO started teaching the hard-earned secrets that I had learned from my late father so that they could learn to provide for their families too.

And I’m going to share those very secrets with you, because what I’ve discovered is that… Trading Equals FREEDOM! There is only so much time in each day and when I found the system, I got my time back and my family back and that’s FREEDOM! And that’s I want for you, the financial freedom to give your family the life they deserve!

So let’s get started NOW! You can join my Tribe to get my Hot, Timely Actionable Market Analysis for FREE and direct to your inbox --> Click HERE>>

Update: The SECOND edition of Hima's Gann trading book is now available for pre-order! Visit our Products page>> to learn more and order your copy while the special offer for the Hima Reddy Tribe lasts.

The Trading Methods of W.D. Gann Second Edition: Building Your Technical Analysis Toolbox by Hima Reddy, CMT

W.D. Gann’s works helped to pioneer the discipline of technical analysis, and they still offer immense potential value to investors and traders. However, Gann’s original publications are esoteric and can be challenging to read and use. In this book, technical analyst Hima Reddy brings these works to life for modern traders and investors. She distills Gann’s tenets into crystal-clear, bite-size explanations, and illuminates them with exceptionally intuitive charts and illustrations. Drawing on extensive personal experience, Hima explains how Gann’s insights into price, pattern and time can be applied in all types of markets and market conditions. Using this book, any experienced trader can discover the value of Gann’s approach, and start utilizing it in his or her own trades. Then, with Hima's discussion as a foundation, traders and investors can delve even more deeply into all of Gann’s works, identifying even greater opportunities for profit.


Hima has always had an interest in engaging with the community. Her passions have included serving her alma mater, cultural dance and youth education. Over the years, Hima has contributed to the following organizations and causes:

New York Cares

Hima started as a volunteer on the IUAA NYC chapter team for New York Cares Day in 2003. By 2007, Hima became a co-leader of the Big Apple Big Ten team. She coordinated volunteers for one-day events to revitalize public schools and community parks. Visit site »

Port Discovery Children's Museum

Upon moving to Baltimore in 2012, Hima worked with museum leaders to set up a new auxiliary board. Hima co-led the Explorers Council which began with 10 young professional committee members. The EC held several large events at the museum, educating on the value of learning through play.These events helped raise over $7,000 for the museum's Family Access program. Visit site »

BestPrep E-Mentors

In Minneapolis, Hima mentored a high school student, building the relationship over weeks of topic-focused emails. All mentors & students and their teachers then met, discussing finance career roles. Though brief, Hima's experience with BestPrep was a positive one. Visit site »

Indiana University Alumni Association & Kelley School of Business Alumni

Hima is a proud Hoosier and graduate of the Kelley School of Business! She currently serves her alma mater as a Kelley Alumni Leader. This role has included reviewing students' elevator pitches and engaging in practice interviews. Hima has been an active networker, helping Kelley Alumni set a Guinness World Record! Visit site »

CMT Association

Hima volunteered as Coordinator of exhibits & sponsors for several MTA and IFTA conferences. Hima then worked as a Subject Matter Expert for the CMT exam. She wrote questions for the exams and helped grade the Level III essay exams. Hima later served as a co-chair for the Minnesota MTA chapter. Visit site »