Tech to Prevent Trading Interruptions

So let me set the scene…

You're trading whether you are day trading and putting on a trade that's going to last you a ew minutes, or you're swing trading and setting up your trades for the following day.

You're in a room, whether it's your study at home, or your office, or a corner of the bedroom with the door partially closed, maybe closed all the way, but with no indication to the outside world that what you're doing is taking your full concentration and focus.

And then it happens.

You're in the middle of deploying your strategy, trying to stick to your rules, trying to stay consistent, and then your loved one comes rushing in.

It could be your spouse or partner. It could be a parent or child you live with. 

And this applies for somebody who is old enough to read or understand that your door closed, probably means you're busy with something. But they have had a limited awareness of what you are actually doing.

So then the scene unfolds where in your frustration, you kind of yell at them and say, why are you coming in?

I'm busy. I'm focused. I'm TRADING.

You get aggravated.

Or worse, you get distracted, and then you mess up your trade management.

If this has ever happened, or if you’re worried that it will, I have a solution for you. 

And it's very simple to deploy.

It is old time tech. This is not a new AI solution, but it's time tested.

You ready?

You want to see it?

All right, here it is.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's a Post It.

Let me explain the elements of this post.

It says the word Trading. It's big font. So if you slap it on a door, it's pretty clear to see what a person's doing.

It also has a smiley face on it, exudes a sense of joy. Something happy is going on.

It's also green. The green means “Baby, we're making money. We're in here doing something to create income as a mainstream, as an additional stream, or to supplement our retirement and more.”

And last but not least, it's on a Post It. Now, these happen to be index card Post Its, meaning that they have a little bit more weight to them. I prefer them as opposed to regular old paper Post Its that that kind of fly away and can just run off the door and don't have as much stick. 

And these are not full adhesive. They're just sticky at the very top so that I can put it onto the door when I start my trading session, and I can take it off the door when I'm done.

In fact, that is a step that's actually in my trading plan. When Hima goes into trading mode, I put that sign on my door, and when I exit trading mode and I'm done for the session, I take it off.

This has reduced a lot of the miscommunication friction of my husband and I when we're both home and I'm trading and he's returned from the gym or something else and doesn't realize that I'm in that mode now.

He's (A) gotten used to the time of day that I trade, but (B) he understands that it's not about not wanting him there.

It's not about shutting him out.

It's not about saying I'm not available, please keep out. 

This is not a beware sign for trespassers.

This is a loving sign.

This is a “hey, I'm in here doing something that I think will fuel our world, and I'm doing it because I love you.”

Whoever that outside person is – if somebody lives in your home with them, even if they're just a roommate, there's probably a good chance you care about their well being.

So I recommend that you come up with your version of your sign.

It could be as simple as this one. Again, just a post it with the word Trading and a smiley face. I use green for that subconscious “go” and “money” and “ “positive”.

And that's all it says.

And the first time I used this, I gave my husband a heads up. I said…

“it’s about ME” [it’s not about them[

“I need to protect my time and energy and focus when I trade. And I just want to make it really easy for you to know when those times are. 

So while it's generally going to be from X a.m. to Y a.m.”  – [I have my timings, you might have yours.]

“When this sign is up on my door, it really means I'm in the zone.”

“So unless something is really dire urgent” [and can't wait an hour, two, again, whatever your length of time is for your analysis or trading

“Unless it's dire urgent, I would really love if you could let me focus.”

Listen, nothing in there was about 

“keep out you’re distraction.”

“Keep out, you're bothering me.” 

“Keep out, I'm going to lose money if you come in here” 


It's not about that.

It's about creating your own mental focus bubble and focusing for yourself.

So if you've ever had that situation occur that I explained at the start of this post, I HIGHLY recommend you make a sign like this.

And again, keep it simple. You don't have to go crazy.

And it could be something that hangs that you take down.

It could be a sticky one like mine.

Just show your fellow family members, housemates, people who cohabitate with you. Or even your neighbors in an apartment building, if you feel inclined to share. So that they don't come knocking, so that they know you are in your protected time for trading.

And you're doing it for you, and you're doing it for them because you love and respect them.

And above all, you love and respect yourself and want to give yourself every chance to reach your goals!!

~ Hima

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