Hima presents “Gann For The Modern Trader” in the MTA’s Educational Web Series

A webcast presentation on February 1, 2017 by Hima Reddy as part of the MTA's Educational Web Series.

Like a tailored suit or a Chanel purse, Gann analysis is…timeless. But what if you can't plaster your wall with paper charts? Or spend hours studying astrological relationships? Can you still apply some of the high-value methods that Gann's teachings have to offer? Absolutely!

Hima Reddy has been applying Gann price and time analysis to markets in a “modern” way for over 15 years. She's been an analyst at an independent research firm and on the sell-side. She's also taught technical analysis to CMT candidates as well as experienced professionals. Now, Hima specializes in providing daily analysis of the E-mini S&P 500 futures market. But the education her array of content offers applies to any liquid market, on any timeframe. And those markets don't have to be ones that existed during Gann's era.

In this webinar, Hima will share a few of her go-to Gann analysis tools. Her book, The Trading Methodologies of W.D. Gann, further explores some of these concepts. Hima has also kept some of her favorite resources on Gann and technical analysis close to the vest. That changes now, and she will reveal a few during this presentation!

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