Time Management For Your Trading

Modern day trading requires us to look at screens. A LOT.

And this was a real drag in my early days because our human eyeballs are not designed to stare at something that's just a foot away from our face all day.

So my eyes would get tired and strained…until one day I discovered this technique

A way to do more MORE on my computer or smart phone or tablet while feeling BETTER!

It's called…the Pomodoro Technique 🙂

Listen to how it works in this video OR scroll down if you prefer to read the transcript!


So there's a question I get asked a lot by my Tribe, which is

“Hima, how do you get so much done in one day? You're trading, you're teaching, you're analyzing the markets and having some semblance of a life, right?”

Well, if you ever wondered that about me, whether you're just meeting me or known me for awhile me tell you an important technique that you can bring right to your trading.

…Look at this timer. So this is a cube timer, literally shaped like a cube.
And there's lots of brands out there.
This one happens to be Datexx, D-A-T-E-X-X.
Just one that I caught on to early and dove in.

So it has different times on the timer.
5 minute, 10 minute, 20, and 25.
Now, the 25 minutes side works really
great with a technique called Pomodoro. Okay?

The Pomodoro technique says that you can
really get a lot more done
and have a balance of focus and rest
by putting your work into 25 minutes blocks and
then purposely taking a 5 minute break in between.

Now, I have a little bit of a Hima-fying I do to
this where I don't always take the full 5 minute break.
But here's the rule I do follow
if you do FOUR of these pomodoros.

So 25 minutes with a 5 minute break
four times, then you must to follow the
Pomodoro technique, take an extended break.

And this is where I really get up.
Usually leave my office unless I have a
trade on or something, and dive into that
kind of full rest and then come back.

This is how I'm able to get what I
think is a lot more done than what it
seems like should be allotted for a day.

So here's how you can do this for yourself, okay?

You don't need a fancy cube timer.

If you want one, I'll make sure that I
include the link to this one or one that's
currently like it available usually in Amazon.

But you can also use a timer on your computer, right?
PCs, Macs.

You can download or use the existing clock and just
click on the timer to count down from 25 minutes.

You can also use your phone.
These days, cell phones all have
built in watches, clocks, timers.

So if you're working on a computer and you'd rather
use a separate device, then pull up the timer on
your phone, set it to the 25 minutes and countdown.

Now that five minute break.

If you do take a full five minute
break, make sure that you are counting that
as well so you don't get fully distracted.

Here's what I do though, okay?

So I have that Pomodoro that I showed you for the
full 25 minutes, then what I do is I have a
separate timer that I flip for another 5 minutes.

So this is a different
brand, slightly different time increments.

But here's what happens, okay?

So let's just pretend this is going on.

If this is a 25 minutes timer and it
goes off, okay, so let's say it beeps.

I flip it down, and I FLIP my 5 minute timer.

That way, I can quickly transition and
know that I'm in break mode or
if I'm really, really crunched in something.

And, you know, we're traders, right?
You might have a live trade on.

At least I know that I better wrap up this
trade in these next 5 minutes or at least be
conscientious of my time and manage the trade.

But just look away from the screen for just a second.

Just kind of stretch your eyes,
blink, look out the window.

Look at something far away to REFOCUS.

So these are my pro tips to
using the Pomodoro technique in your trading.

They are very valuable not only
in trading, but in study.

So let's say you have your HimaReddy courses
or maybe research you get from me.

They're useful for kind of getting past
the procrastination pause, if you will. Okay?

There's things out there in life that
we don't feel like doing, guys.

But if you set a 25 minutes
timer and say, hey, you know what?

I'll just do it for this, and then I earn
my 5 minute break, that can help a lot.

So consider employing the Pomodoro technique in your
trading, and I'll catch you next time!

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