Solar Eclipse Apr 8th 2024: Markets and Trading

Note: Correlation does not equal causation. Keep reading with an open mind and ALWAYS use price action to confirm your entries and exits!

Monday April 8 is a solar eclipse. For more scientific context, check out this site:

I figured therefore that now was a good time to bring your attention back to a matter that’s important to me, and my business and trading…


I am the first person in my entire family born and raised in the USA, and extremely proud of it! And I also embrace my Indian heritage, with healthy doses of questioning of tradition along the way. Growing up in a Hindu family, Jyotish has been a big part of my life. Jyotish literally translates to “Vedic astrology and astronomy”. And Vedic means “relating to the Veda or Vedas”, which are the most ancient Hindu scriptures.  

One branch of Jyotish involves selecting auspicious timing of events, to ensure the best possible outcome for those involved. It was used to pick my wedding date and time (yay!) and other key family events. I became accustomed to it as background practice, but I didn’t really look at it closely.

When my father died at the start of 2016, I was reminded of the huge role Jyotish plays in my life. Every single event or remembrance (funeral, etc.) we’ve had for my dad was timed for the benefit of his soul as well as for the well-being of our surviving family.

So I started exploring this ancient knowledge. I began to consider Jyotish to potentially optimize the actions I choose to take in my life (personal, business, etc.). And I also use Jyotish to potentially minimize the negative effects of any astrological roadblocks or detours that may be on my path. 

My exploration has advanced, though I’m by no means an expert. I did work with a Jyotish expert to add a bonus Chapter 9 on Astrology to the 2nd edition of my Gann book.


So, what am I going to do on Mon Apr 8 given the solar eclipse? 

My decisions are based on location in Austin where the eclipse will be visible, as well as my astrologers notes specific to my natal chart:

You don't have anything in Revati (where the eclipse is). but your Moon is in Hasta which is where Ketu – the South node will be …directly opposite the eclipse. It's not as relevant a placement, but that is a $ house for you. and the eclipse is happening in a health house for you.

I am not going to trade: this means no live trading, no sim trading, no prepping my charts or doing research, no studying the markets. I’m taking a 100% break through that day at least. This is because while there might be dramatic moves the day of the eclipse or those after, the propensity to trade seemingly certain directional moves might be heightened. This is all amplified by there being a new moon Monday.

I am not going to exercise: Health is wealth, and while I'd normally meet my trainer at noon for some serious strength training, I will reschedule.

I am not going to make any major decisions: This would be in regards to my education business, personal trading and investing, and personal life. I’ll keep it light, doing catch up work like tidying around my home and emails. I will not try to solve the problems of the universe 🙂

I’m going to stay indoors: Even though hundreds of thousands of folks will descend upon Austin and the surrounding area to specifically view this eclipse, I’ll draw the blinds and stay inside when the totality is happening. 

Now, does this mean that you should mimic exactly what I’m doing, especially the not trading bit? Well, I am not your financial or spiritual advisor. I did feel it would be super important to give you some details about why I am taking the day off from the markets and more.

If you are interested in knowing even more of the details and basis behind this, here’s a great article by an experienced Jyotish practitioner about this specific solar eclipse:

No matter what you think of all this, my advice is to take care, and be aware! Being mindful is key to success and happiness in life, and of course in trading and investing.

And once again: Correlation does not equal causation. Keep reading with an open mind and ALWAYS use price action to confirm your trade entries and exits!


PS. As I finished typing the last words of this blog post, my sister on Long Island, New York called to tell me there had been an earthquake. My mom and siblings live about 70 miles from the epicenter that was in Jersey. Thankfully their homes and my family are fine. Hope you and yours are well too, if you are in the vicinity of this natural event

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